The next LACPS meeting is fast approaching and will be held at Leslie’s house. If you don’t already know where that is, write DJ to RSVP.

Meeting Details

Unless someone else volunteers something different…our presentation will be DJ droning on and on about the recent ICPS conference in Japan.

Thrill to tales of interminable presentations! Be shocked to hear about bathroom adventures gone wrong! Hear about the harrowing experience of Habushu! Be on the edge of your seat wondering if Arthur Yin returned safely from the death defying hike to see Pinguicula macroceras! Feel your blood curdle imagining the lascivious licking of the leeches of Laredo!

Come join the usual gang of idiots, doing what you usually expect: Unusual conversations and sale and trading of unusual plants!

Be there, or be a polyhedron!

When is it?

Saturday August 19, 2023.

The gathering will begin at 11 AM and extend to around 2PM.

Cover charge

This meeting has an entrance fee of $4, and you may want to bring something to sit on if you can!

Where will it be?

We will be meeting at an outdoor location in Pasadena, California, with ability to go indoors if weather is inclement.

Sales and trades

And, as usual, you can expect to see lots of really cool plants on display, and maybe even you’ll find some for sale to fill that gap in your collection.