Hey there, Bubbie, ya say it’s been weeks without sun and all your plants are etiolated? Ya say it never gets above 62 degrees, and all your lowland Nepenthes are rotting away? Ya say your Mexican Pinguicula won’t break dormancy, and yer tuberous Drosera have all gone into hiding? Ya say your Darlingtonia have all slithered away and your huntsman’s cups all sprung leaks? And your Bladderworts have all floated away, and your Genlisea unwound? And your Sun Pitchers have all clouded over?

Well, lift your head up high and join us at our next meeting with dignity and stick-to-itivness and ya show us all, ya show us all, you’ll be there! And You’ll never give up, never give up, never give up…those plants!

Event Details

Instead of our normal independent meeting, we will be rolling our LACPS meeting into the annual 2023 SCCPE Show & Sale

We’ll be having a short meeting at our LACPS Sales booth on Saturday at noon. By that I mean…stop by the booth, say “hi” and hear about the amazing adventures hunting down the Japan endemic Pinguicula ramosa and the elusive Japanese form of Pinguicula macroceras! Then spend the rest of the time wandering the event and ogling the cool plants and displays and maybe pick up a new addition for your collection!

There is a $5 fee to enter the gardens.

When is it?

Father’s Day Weekend

Saturday, June 17 to Sunday, June 18, 2023, from 10:30a.m. to 4p.m.

Where will it be?

Sherman Library & Gardens, 2647 East Coast Hwy., Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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The show is in the only building used for such purposes, right next to the cafe/restaurant. The sales area is in front of the gift shop aka the Tea Garden as well as the Succulent Garden. Presentations and activities will be located in front of the bog garden.

Sales and Outreach

LACPS will have a sales table at the event. Do you have some excess plants you want to unload? Consider donating them to the LACPS for us to sell at our table! (Yes, I am a bit short on prepared sales inventory! So we can use some extra!) We could even sell some plants for you, BUT, only if you supply me with an inventory of the plants you bring, the prices you are asking, and be aware SCCPE will be taking 20% off the top to cover sales tax and Sherman Gardens costs. Direct Message or Email me for more detail.

Would you like to help out and socialize with the great unwashed masses who know nothing about Carnivorous Plants? Then this is the meeting for you! We’d love to see some LACPS involvement with this fun and public informative event!