DJ poses with a Venus Flytrap, a type of carnivorous plant, at an LACPS meeting in Alhambra, California

For more information on the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society, write the members via the LACPS mailing list or contact Thomas Johnson at tjohnson[at] cslanet.calstatela {dot} edu

Mailing List, Group Chat, Social Media

Check the mailing list page for details on our email list, Signal group, Twitter account, and Matrix group.

Other Carnivorous Plant Clubs

California is also home to the BACPS, SDCPS, and SCCPE.

Should you be looking for a CP group in another geographic area, the CP FAQ maintains a list of carnivorous plant societies.

Other Carnivorous Plant Resources

To learn more about carnivorous plants in general, the below are all good places to start:

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