Photograph of Ivan Snyder's venus flytrap - a carnivorous plant - an an LACPS meeting in Los Angeles, California

Email Group

To keep abreast of LACPS announcements or participate in electronic LA CP discussion, join the LACPS email group by using the form below or by sending an email to

Signal Group

The new LACPS Signal Messenger group is another place to receive meeting announcements.

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If you haven’t yet adopted Signal (and why wouldn’t you?), it is a free, secure messaging platform. See the details at


Meeting announcements are usually posted on Twitter; at this time, few members are active there and interaction is limited. Still, if you are an active user of the platform, do follow @lacarnivores on Twitter.

Matrix Group

LACPS announcements are also posted to the LACPS discussion group at

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Scan the above QR code with your device or manually add in the app.

If you aren’t yet a Matrix user, first download the iOS or Android Element app.