Email Group

To keep abreast of Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society announcements or participate in electronic Southern California carnivorous plant discussion, join the LACPS email group by using the form below or by sending an email to

The mailing list service is provided by We do not use your email address for anything outside administering the mailing list; hopefully doesn’t either but could; see our privacy policy for details.


LACPS announcements are also posted to the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society Mastodon account. If you use federated social media, be sure to follow on Mastodon.

Signal Group

The new LACPS Signal Messenger group is another place to receive meeting announcements.

LACPS Signal Messenger group QR code

If you haven’t yet adopted Signal (and why wouldn’t you?), it is a free, secure messaging platform. See the details at

Matrix Group

Meeting announcements are likewise posted in the LACPS discussion group at

LACPS Matrix group QR code

Scan the above QR code with your device or manually add in the app.

If you aren’t yet a Matrix user, first download the iOS or Android Element app.

Jami Swarm

If you are so cool that you use software produced by the Free Software Foundation, you can also get meeting announcements on the LACPS Jami swarm.



You can also chat with other LACPS folks on the new LACPS subreddit!


If you are leaving Reddit for the Fediverse, you can also find the LACPS on