KUCI Local Love LACPS interview screenshot

Ostrowski, Mackenzie. “Tom Johnson, Daryt Frank and Frank Obregon - Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society.” Local Love KUCI. Oct, 2020. Radio. Recording archived here.

BACPS Gridley LACPS article

Gridley, Tony. “My LACPS Visit.” BACPS Newsletter Summer 2009. BACPS. 4 Dec, 2009..

LA Weekly LACPS story

Alimurung, Gendy. “Feed Me! Carnivorous Plants and the Bloody-Fingered People Who Love Them.” LA Weekly 9 Sept, 2008.

Los Angeles Times venus flytrap story screenshot

Spurrier, Jeff. “Venus flytraps (and secrets to keeping them alive).” Los Angeles Times 9 Aug, 2008.

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