How do I become a member?

The LACPS does not maintain a membership roster. To join the club, simply attend meetings, join the mailing list, or otherwise involve yourself as you see fit.

How much does it cost to join?

Since the LACPS does not have formal membership, it also does not have membership fees. There is typically a $4 meeting fee to cover logistical expenses for meeting space/refreshments.

Is the LACPS a registered non-profit?

No. The LACPS is a purely informal gathering of folks interested in carnivorous plants. Nonprofit organizations can be wonderful; however, we have not felt the need to form one in order to gather to discuss and trade carnivorous plants.

What does the LACPS do?

We have six meetings a year, maintain a mailing list, and host the elegant, sophisticated website you are currently enjoying.

Members have at times engaged in other activities, like maintaining a seedbank, creating club t-shirts, or organizing outreach booths at events. Those activities have not been centrally organized and are directed purely by the volition of the members involved.

I’d like to do more. How can I do ___ thing?

That’s great! If you have an idea that involves the group, please do bring it up at a meeting, via the mailing list, or both. If your idea doesn’t necessarily involve the group, you could also just do it then tell us how great it is afterwards.

How can I support carnivorous plant study/conservation?

The International Carnivorous Plant Society is the largest organization of its type devoted specifically to carnivorous plants. It maintains the scientific journal of record for the relevant genera and stewards conservation initiatives, among other things. It also has opportunities for direct engagement within the organization itself.

The Nature Conservancy is probably the largest global non-profit devoted to conservation, with broad international activities and significant wetland initiatives.

There are of course other smaller or more targeted organizations that may well be wonderful; the two above should provide a good start and also help you connect with affiliated groups engaged in productive activities.