We’re one week out from the next LACPS meeting!  Yes, next Saturday at 11:11 AM on April 20th, 2024!

Meeting Details

For this meeting we will, once again, be at the lovely Leslie’s house where we will be learning that most critical skill, how to pollinate Sarracenia flowers! What could be MORE useful after last meetings informative presentation by John Green on how to rapidly grow Sarracenia from seed to maturity? Knowing how to produce your OWN seed from your OWN plants? Yes, after this graduate level course you, too, will be able to hybridize Sarracenia with the best of ‘em!  Create your own cultivars for fun and profit!

And, as a special incentive, EVERY ATTENDEE will receive a packet containing TEN FREE pollinating brushes (or at least, what I find to be perfect brushes for Sarracenia and Nepenthes pollination)!

Where will it be?

We will be meeting at an outdoor location in Pasadena, California, with ability to go indoors if weather is inclement.

If you have been to a previous meeting at Leslie’s house, then you know where it is!  If you haven’t, or if you are like our fearless leader and can’t recall where you left your reading glasses last night, write DJ to RSVP and he will give you the location deets (assuming he still remembers them)!

Sales and trades

At this meeting there will be plants for sale and trade!  Maybe some on display!

There’s be some light nosh and beverages served to keep the natives from getting restless.

Cover charge

Entry fee, as always, is $4

When is it?

Saturday April 20, 2024.

The gathering will begin at 11 AM and extend to around 2 PM.

Special giveaway!

But WAIT!  That’s not all! Just see what else you get!

Everyone who attends the meeting will receive a FREE packet of newly matured Nepenthes hybrid seeds! These seeds were produced by our very own fearless leader and my alter-ego, DJ!  The first hybrid is between N. anamensis (a very rare in cultivation, yet easy to grow species) and a specially created Leo Song hybrid {(thorellii x superba-mixta)xalbomarginata}.  The second hybrid is between a lovely (xrokko xveitchii) raised from seed supplied by Mason McNair and the Leo Song hybrid {(thorellii x superba-mixta)xalbomarginata}.  Both show promise of producing some nice looking plants.

This is one meeting you CAN’T afford to miss!  Be there, or be octagonal!