Our next meeting is THIS weekend! Saturday the 15th!

It will be at the usual location in Pasadena, which you should know if you have previously participated. If not, email DJ and he will let you know the super-secret location details.

What to Expect

As expected, it will involve the usual gang of idiots who are more than happy to drone on and on about the plants they brought to show off and to sell, and you are welcome to join our ranks by bringing some of your own beauties! In addition, we will be having a short presentation regarding the adventures of the elusive Forbes in the wilds of Phu Kradueng! We may even be able to get our mystery benefactor on the line to answer questions! Expect to be dazzled by photos of Nepenthes smilesii (which may have some relation to that new movie “Smile?”), Drosera burmannii, and a few different Utricularia species.

Also! Special bonus, because it’s getting close to Sarracenia dormancy time… a quick primer on Sarracenia Dormancy Prophylaxis!

As always, remember! Be there, or be octagonal!

When is it?

Saturday, October 15th, 2022 at 12:00.

Also, this weekend is registration for SDCC! So, to allow for yours truly to get his tickets (I Hope!) for next year’s SDCC, our meeting time will be moved to High Noon!

Cover charge

This meeting has an entrance fee of $4, and you may want to bring something to sit on if you can!

Where will it be?

We will be meeting at an outdoor location in Pasadena, with ability to go indoors if weather is inclement.

Sales and trades

And, as usual, you can expect to see lots of really cool plants on display, and maybe even you’ll find some for sale to fill that gap in your collection.