DJ Frank LACPS meeting announcement picture

The December 15th 2018 LACPS meeting will feature a presentation by DJ Frank about his carnivorous plant exploration. There will also be a potluck.

What to Expect

Adventures in the Field, Part #1, an overview. Come enjoy a slide presentation/overview of images chronicling misadventures, scenery, people and, more importantly, exotic plants from the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia and North America by DJ Frank while partaking the awesome pot luck spread the LACPS is known for.

It’s the perfect day to come with your questions on carnivorous plants! With DJ’s extensive knowledge and decades of experience growing and visiting natural sites, you will want to come enjoy fellowship, food and facts about carnivorous plants.

Where to Go

The meeting will convene on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce building. The doors will open when Tom arrives, which is usually around 10:45AM.

Sales and Trades

As usual, plants to show and sell are welcome.

Notes on Potluck Etiquette from Amy

Make/bring what you like to eat; most likely other people will like it too!

Don’t be shy about eating if you didn’t bring anything. No one should go hungry. One time I saw people not eating, and I was like, aren’t you hungry? And they said, well, we didn’t bring anything. So, don’t sit there and starve. Skeletons are boring conversationalists.