Since its inception in 1994, the LACPS has grown to be among the most influential regional groups dedicated to carnivorous plants. Meetings in the Los Angeles area, which are open to all, host celebrated botanists, horticulturalists, and explorers.

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February 2022 Meeting

In less than two weeks it’s the first LACPS meeting of the year and you don’t want to miss it! We will be meeting in the same location as the last meeting, ...

October 2021 Meeting - Dunsmore Park

This will be another meeting at Dunsmore Park as we continue with the CoViD protocols of outdoor meeting. We will have the usual activities, chit-chat, good...

June 2021 Meeting Details

On Saturday, June 5th, the LACPS will have it’s second meeting of the (almost) post-COVID era! The gathering will begin at 11 AM and extend to 2PM.

LACPS Meetings Resume!

After a long COVID-19 induced pause, the LACPS will reconvene on April 17 for the first time in what feels like an eternity.