• April 17, 2004 Meeting Photos at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce

    Photos from the April 17, 2004 LACPS meeting at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce building.

  • Peter D'Amato to Speak in October

    Following Barry Rice's informal appearance at the August meeting, Peter D'Amato will be perhaps the second LACPS guest this year who has a Wikipedia profile.

  • DJ to Dazzle Alhambra August 17

    Back by popular demand, DJ Frank has graciously made time in his speaking schedule to present findings from his latest expedition into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest at the August 17 LACPS gathering. As usual, the meeting will convene at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce building; doors open at...

  • June Huntington Meeting

    The June meeting at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is fast approaching. If you haven't signed up to attend at a previous meeting, you may not be able to get in; if you haven't already registered, please do write to the LACPS mailing list to see if you can...

  • April 20 Meeting at CSUF

    The April LACPS meeting will convene on the 20th at the CSUF Biology Greenhouse complex. Here are the details from Tom: "Ed Read is kindly opening the CSU Fullerton greenhouse for our next meeting. This is a popular meeting at which Ed allows everyone to explore the many wonders of...