As mentioned at previous meetings, the venue we met at for the meetings prior to the Huntington meeting is not available this month. And despite a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts, we have not been able to find an alternate, so we are falling back on our old reliable standby…Dunsmore Park in La Crescenta! Of course, it’s not too late for someone to volunteer their house for a meeting, but I’m not guessing that is likely to happen.

So, it is Dunsmore Park for us this time! If there is someone who would like to present a topic, feel free to pipe up, and we’ll let people know. Failing that, we can guarantee there will be fascinating conversation regarding Carnivorous Plants and probably other topics as well. If you have some burning questions regarding cultivation, you can probably get answers at this meeting. And if you have some gaping holes in your collection you need to fill, or some extra plants you’d like to pass on to a new caretaker, this is a perfect place to do that! We encourage attendees to bring plants to display, sell and trade, so remember to bring along some dosh in case you see that plant that you just HAVE to have.

And as usual, those who care to are welcome to join us at the post-meeting breaking of bread at some local restaurant.

When is it?

Saturday August 20, 2022.

The gathering will begin at 11 AM and extend to around 2PM.

Where to Go

Dunsmore Park, 4700 Dunsmore Avenue, La Crescenta, CA 91214

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Look for us in the northwestern part of the park, about where marked in the map above. There are multiple picknick tables in the area that cannot be reserved; to find the exact meeting area, look for where the carnivorous plants and the plant people are clustered.

What to Expect

Rare and unusual plants for sale, and rare and unusual people to chat with!

Well-behaved pets are allowed, ill-tempered plants to show off or sell are encouraged.

Masks Encouraged.

Meeting Fee of $4 to cover costs of light snacks like chips and cookies, water will be provided, if you want soda or such, feel free to bring some along with cups and ice.

Sales and Trades

As always, plants to show, sell, or trade are welcome.